Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is the U.S economy in recovery mode?

Last Wednesday, I needed to purchase a new phone, as my existing one had seen its last days. Since my contract allowed for me to upgrade, I decided to join the “smart phone” crusade and upgrade to the new iPhone.  However, this quest was not as easy as I thought. After trying 4 different stores, I was told by each store employee that this item was out of stock!

When discussing our current economic condition, you hear quite a few references comparing the past few years to the Great Depression.  It is hard to imagine that an item as costly as the iPhone would have been completely sold out during the 1930’s.  Obviously it was a different time back then,
but maybe, just maybe, our economy is not as doomed as the media would have us believe.  This incident, as well as the reports of record spending over this past holiday shopping weekend, are small signs to me that our economy is slowly improving.   

Take some time to observe this over these next weeks.  If it was truly as bad as the Great Depression, what would you see and what wouldn’t you see?