Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Recruiter Sits on the Other Side of the Table

Guest Blogger - Kelli Foskic

Kelli Foskic
As a recruiter with over 10 years of experience, I have always enjoyed sitting on “my side” of the table. That’s the side of the person who is conducting the interview; the person who is not nervous or tongue tied. After working as a Corporate Recruiter for almost eight years, I made the decision to stay home with my young children. Then two years ago, I decided to put myself on the “other side of the table”, and interview for a recruiter position with a local marketing firm. As luck would have it, I only had to go through two interviews before I landed my dream job!

I spent the next two years back in the recruiter seat and loving it. However, as we all know; life does not always work out exactly the way we plan. On a cold Tuesday morning in March, I received a call from my boss with bad news. My company had declared chapter 7 bankruptcy, and everyone was now unemployed. And worst of all that meant that I needed to move back to the “other side of the table”.
Starting over again is harder this time around. You see, last time I was practically handed the perfect job on a platter. And as I spent the next week mourning my loss, I began to feel as if I wasn’t prepared to find another job. I needed to get some expert help from a more seasoned professional.

So, I attended a workshop that was organized and ran by a non-profit group called Career Ministries. This group is non-denominational, and they provide free advice to individuals who are unemployed or underemployed. The seminar was led by a recruiter with many more years of experience than me, and with a list of contacts that anyone in a hiring position would love to have. He talked about the importance of creating a brand for yourself, and how LinkedIn can help with this. He discussed his opinions of how a resume should look, but added that many hiring managers have different ideas regarding what they like to see on a candidate’s resume.

Most importantly though, he told us not to be ashamed to be looking for a job, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Tell everyone that you know about your job search. In other words: network, network, and network. As I left the workshop I felt energized, ready to create my brand, and prepared to completely re-work my resume. Stay tuned as I jump back into the job of finding a job, and navigate the negotiating process. In case I forgot to ask, is anyone hiring??

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