Monday, March 11, 2013

The Big Bull Does the Zoo-De-Mack

I recently read an article about the amount of time and planning that it takes to accomplish something on what many deem their “bucket list.” While I personally don’t like that term, I found the article interesting because it broke down the amount of time (or lack thereof) we actually have in a year to complete just one of these accomplishments.  Once you deduct things like work, family obligations, and whatever else occurs as part of one’s daily life, there isn’t much time to tackle that bucket list unless you really plan for it.  While the above lesson also applies to one’s financial future, it brings me to mention something that we’ve been working towards accomplishing this year.

Before we moved to Nevada, we trained and rode in the Zoo-de-Mack (ZDM) bike ride in Northern Michigan.  If you have never heard of this ride, it’s just that – a bike ride, but it also happens to be 50 miles of riding (and yes, you need to do it one day)! The ride leaves from Boyne Highlands (Petoskey) and takes you along the mesmerizing waters of Lake Michigan ending at the granddaddy of them all, the Mackinaw Bridge…talk about landscapes that inspire even the uninspired! We had no idea what to expect out of this ride, but knew that we loved the northern part of our great state and couldn’t wait to see it from our bicycles.  The day we rode was full of challenges, both weather related and equipment related, but we both finished and loved the feeling of doing something that really challenged the physical and mental. 

When we decided to move back, we knew this was something we definitely wanted to do again and are currently training for it.  However, just as that article discussed, training now has a few more challenges as caring for a 5-month old requires planning around his schedule, not ours.  Sometimes that seems to be more difficult than the ride itself! We look forward to completing the ride together with family and friends, not to mention the small reward Mackinaw Island Fudge and Pasties!

If you are interested in participating in the ride or just learning about it, check out their website,  The event is organized to the last detail and the roads are closed to traffic, which in my opinion makes it one of the best ways to enjoy spring in northern Michigan!

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